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– Vintage 2022 –

Hot and dry

The spring was dry and there was hardly any winter moisture. The vines started into spring and soon rains normalized the water content in the soil. Dry, hot weather prevailed again until after flowering, which is why the Blaufränkisch and, to some extent, the Chardonnay also trickled down. Not all berries are fertilized and this leads to loose berries in the grapes. After a heavy downpour it got really hot. The heat stayed all summer and the soils dried out. Water-saving greening and adapted tillage were necessary to spare the vines unnecessary stress. The long-awaited rain only came on August 20th and with the 70 l/m² in the following days, nature breathed a sigh of relief. Now everything was back to normal and the harvest began under optimal conditions. The weather remained stable, the acidity remained within the ideal range and the grapes were exceptionally healthy until the end of the harvest. Very high maturity and a good acid structure in all our grape varieties gave us a top vintage in white and red. A cold snap on December 13th made it possible for us to harvest an ice wine again for the first time in 17 years.

Maturity and shelf life
  • Rosé: 2022 till 2027
  • Steinmühle Sauvignon blanc: 2023 till 2030
  • Steinmühle Methusalemreben: 2024 till 2035
  • Chardonnay Leithakalk: 2023 till 2034
  • Neusatz: 2024 till 2037
  • Tatschler: 2024 till 2037
  • Katterstein: 2024 till 2037
  • Gloria: 2024 till 2037
  • Dürr: 2023 till 2035
  • Zweigelt Leithakalk: 2024 till 2035
  • Blaufränkisch Leithakalk: 2024 till 2035
  • Eichkogel: 2024 till 2035
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 2025 till 2037
  • Setz: 2025 till 2037
  • Point: 2025 till 2037
  • Steinzeiler: 2025 till 2040
  • Eiswein Scheurebe: 2023 till 2048

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