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Natural Sweet Wines

– The Natural Sweet Wines –

Beeren­auslese, Trocken­beerenauslese and Eiswein

Burgenland's first Trockenbeerenauslese was harvested in 1526. That was the first time a trockenbeerenauslese wine had ever been mentioned in a document worldwide. Clearly a case for the Guinness Book of Records. Just as the fact that this wine has been drunk for more than 326 years! Lake Neusiedl and its surrounding marshes encourage the formation of noble rot due to the interplay of humid autumn morning fogs with strong warm-ups during the day. There are hardly any other winegrowing regions outside Burgenland, which can offer that climatic peculiarity.

The fungus that causes Botrytis cinerea or noble rot penetrates the grape's skin, causing the grape to adopt a chestnut brown color and shrivel. Noble rot transforms and concentrates the grape's ingredients, allowing honeyed and roasted aromas and flavors to evolve. This kind of rot occurs only on fully ripe berries. Such ripeness is promoted by the Pannonian climate. Botrytis-affected berries are painstakingly picked by hand in several passages. Thus, great beerenausleses and trockenbeerenausleses result, which can reach almost biblical age.

Because it’s not only the inner values that count.

Wine boxes made of solid wood -
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Available in
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